We rely on electricity in our daily lives. For our homes, in our workplaces and in the businesses we rely on. We expect everything to always be on when we need it and it’s often taken for granted. 

The professionals that keep the lights on face risks at work that we don’t even think about. Electrical related businesses definitely need suitable insurance in place such as public liability cover. 

Public liability insurance is designed to protect you, your business and your staff against compensation awarded for negligence, personal injury or property damage and the costs of defending a claim. Not only do you need to ensure that you have the correct type of protection, you will also want to make sure you are getting the right balance between cover and cost.  

It’s a good idea to get several quotes to compare the costs as well as the level and types of cover offered by various companies. Public Liability Insurance Australia can offer you free, multiple quotes so you can compare policies without the need to ring around or visit numerous websites. You can get immediate coverage with no tricky paperwork and your policy documents emailed to you instantly. 

 Listed are 10 risks and dangers that electrical workers face every day when they go to work: 

  1. Toxic Materials Exposure 

Electricians are often working in areas where dangerous substances are present such as lead, solvents and solder. These materials can be inhaled or absorbed. Various health conditions can occur over time based on these exposures which can result in health care issues, potential disability issues, or even cause early death. 

  1. Risk of Burns 

Electricians working with wiring that can suffer burns. While we know not to touch any sort of metal near or in electrical sockets, which can result in a jolt of up to 150 volts, electricians work with electrical wires that are up to 10 times that amount of voltage. The potential to be injured working with and touching these wires can lead to drastic burns and even worse injuries. 

  1. Fatal Electric Shock Risks 

The risk factors involving touching live wires are frightening.  Touching a live wire can cause an instantaneous shock, is incredibly painful and can lead to death. Electricians face this reality every time they work. They are doing the dangerous work that most of us are not willing to do. 

  1. Confined Spaces Increase Risk of Injury 

Because the wiring of buildings is tucked into the walls and small spaces, electricians must squeeze into very confined spaces, which can increase their risk of being injured. They are prone to cuts, scrapes, sprains. 

  1. Dangerous Temperature Exposure 

Electricians work under all sorts of different conditions and environments including blazing hot days in the sun to the freezing cold in snow. Electrical workers can be exposed to the possibility of developing a sunstroke or frostbite. They need to take special care of themselves, from staying hydrated, wearing proper protective clothing and being extremely careful when handling their tools and live wires. 

  1. Repetitive Movement Injuries 

Like other jobs, electricians make small but repetitive movements in their work which can often lead to repetitive movement types of injuries. From muscle aches and pains, these conditions can lead to chronic pain that continue with them long after they’ve retired. 

  1. Stress 

The stress of working long hours puts electricians at risk for accidents. A minor slip up could result in a burn, fall, lethal jolt of electricity, or any other type of accident which could cause an injury or even death. 

  1. Asbestos Exposure 

Unfortunately, many electricians have been exposed to asbestos. Asbestos exposure can increase the chances of getting cancer or mesothelioma. 

  1. Fall Risks 

Electrical workers must go where the lines are and oftentimes this includes having to climb extreme heights. The risk of falling is always there, even with all the precautions. If an electrician does fall, it can result in a devastating injury, disability, or possibly death. 

Electrical work is rewarding, challenging, but also dangerous work. Electricians are some of the most important workers in our society and we rely on them and their expertise, every day. We rely on them to help us keep our homes warm in the winter, cool in the summer and to be able to see at night. Although they face risks every day, most electricians get through their days without injury because of their excellent training and attention to detail. Where would we be without them? 

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