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You’re in the business of making people look good. Having Public Liability insurance means you can keep styling and blow drying your clients even if a mishap pops up.


Why do Hairdressers Need Public Liability Insurance?

As a hairdresser, you have a responsibility to maintain the safety and security of your clientele. This is because every business has risks – including yours. Public Liability protects you from financial loss when you are being held liable for injury to someone else or damage to their property whilst operating your hairdressing business.

Public Liability pays for your legal defence and settlement if one is awarded. It also provides Product Liability cover to protect your business if there is a claim made for third party personal injury or property damage caused by product/s your business provided.

In fact, having the right insurance can mean the difference between staying in business and having to close shop due to an accident or claim.

It can be uncomfortable to think about the risks involved in your profession but thinking about it now is the best way to make sure you’re prepared to deal with them should they come up. Here are a few general risks you may face:

  • You could damage someone else’s property
  • Someone is injured when you operate your business
  • A client suffers an injury or becomes ill from a product you sell

Protect your hairdressing business today.

Other Types of Insurance


Here are some other types of insurance that may be useful for hairdressers:

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity insurance protects you and your business against the financial consequences if you are accused of negligence or wrongdoing.

It can pay for the costs associated with defending yourself, as well as any settlements and compensation if awarded.

Business Insurance

Business Insurance provides protection for your physical property, including:

Contents & Stock Cover: protects your tools of trade, stock, and other equipment against loss or damage from insurable events, such as fire.

Building Cover: if you own the building you work in, protect it with Building insurance which covers the cost to repair or re-build the building if it is damaged by a fire or other insurable events.

Business Interruption Cover: if your business suffered an insurable event, and you are unable to operate at full capacity, Business Interruption can cover the loss of income and some of the increased costs of running your hairdressing salon.

Glass Cover: glass cover protects the glass, windows, mirrors and porcelain at your hairdressing salon. It includes internal and external windows.

Theft Cover: protects your contents, including fixtures, equipment and stock t against theft, as well as damage due to an attempted theft at your salon.

Portable Equipment: an important form of cover for hairdressers who visit multiple salons or client homes. This type of cover protects your mobile property including equipment, tools and mobile computer.


What Could Go Wrong for Hairdressers?

We all like to think it will never happen to us, but things can go wrong.

Public liability can cover your business from incidents such as:

Third party injury: slips and falls and accidents are common and can happen just about anywhere. Maybe your client walks in for their appointment and slips on some product that has been spilled on the floor and breaks their ankle, and now they want you to pay for their medical bills.

Third party property damage: you get a little overzealous when applying your client’s new hair color and the bleach gets on her designer handbag and ruins it. She wants you to pay for it.

Getting the Right Public Liability Insurance for Hairdresser

Getting the right Public Liability Insurance may seem difficult, but that is where Public Liability Australia comes in. We do the work, so arranging your insurance is quick and simple. Let us help you get the right insurance for your business at the right price.

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