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Whether you’re serving up a steaming bowl of Bolognese or a 10-course fine dining feast, being in the restaurant game is fast paced, varied and sometimes full of surprises.

You’re experienced and know where to source the best produce, and how your regulars like their meals. You’ve built a reputation and brand for yourself over the years, one which is invaluable and worth protecting.

One thing which every restaurant owner needs to consider when running a restaurant is having the right insurances in place, starting with Public Liability insurance.

Why Do Restaurants Need Public Liability and Product Liability Insurance?

Public Liability insurance is designed to protect your restaurant business from the financial impacts if you are found liable for injuring a third party or damaging their property. It is one of the first insurances you need to consider as a restaurant.

Product Liability usually forms part of a Public Liability policy and is important for restaurant businesses to include in their insurance plan. It protects your business from your liability to pay compensation if a third-party/s makes a claim against you for personal injury or property damage caused by the product/s your business provides. For example, if your customers were to experience food poisoning from the food you provided, not only could you be faced with one claim for damages, but multiple claims from impacted customers.

The associated legal costs of defending a claim, even if you are not liable of negligence, could put both your business and personal finances at risk, potentially causing your business to close and hang up the knives for good.

Public Liability insurance provides peace of mind and financial protection, covering your legal and defence costs, court attendance costs and compensation awarded to the claimant.

Protect your restaurant business today.

Other Types of Insurance

Business Insurance

A lot goes into operating your restaurant and your business assets help make it happen. From your tables and chairs to your kitchen equipment, they keep your business functioning, and without them it could spell disaster for your business.

Glass- covers the costs of repairing or replacing internal and external glass that is accidentally damaged or broken. This includes windows, mirrors, or porcelain.

Building- if you own your building premises, you can’t afford to be out of business if your building is damaged or destroyed due to an insurable event. Burst water pipes and kitchen fires are common risks that restaurant buildings are faced with.

Contents- protect valuable items like your restaurant’s furniture, artwork and other fittings

Machinery Breakdown- you rely on your fridges to keep your produce fresh, so it makes sense to have cover for them. With Machinery Breakdown cover you can get an extension to cover the loss of stock if your fridge experiences a motor burn out and your stock was ruined as a result.

Business Interruption- consistency is key when owning a restaurant.  A kitchen fire could see you closing your doors not only impacting on the immediate trading days, but the potential to lose customers for the long run.

Management Liability

In additional to insuring your restaurant against risks from third-party’s and to your business assets, you need to also protect the operational side of your business, especially if you employ staff. Management Liability insurance can provide protection for:

  • Against bullying, harassment, discrimination, unfair dismissal
  • EPA fines for the incorrect disposal of waste and garbage
  • Theft by employees, including theft of money and property


Tax Audit

You have enough on your plate running your own restaurant and the last thing you need is the stress of an audit from the Australian Tax Office. Tax Audit covers the costs of professional fees associated with preparing for the audit from accountants, lawyers, bookkeepers and any other required advisers.

What Should You Consider Before Purchasing Restaurant Insurance?

Having the right insurances in place brings peace of mind if something were to go wrong and should be one of the first things you consider when creating your business plan.

You’ve worked long and hard to get your business established and the last thing you want is for it to all come crashing down due to an unexpected event that you weren’t insured for. Business Insurance is there to provide protection when you need it most and can provide cover for real life risks such as lawsuits, bankruptcy, your equipment and building and equally important your reputation.

Getting the Right Public Liability Insurance for Restaurants

Every restaurant is unique, bringing its own flair, menu and appetite for risk, meaning no two business insurance policies are the same. Public Liability Australia gives you the flexibility to compare multiple quotes from Australia’s top insurers, so you can choose the coverage that suits your restaurant business.

In just a few clicks or a phone call you can have your business insured in minutes.

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