Being your own boss and running your own sole trader business takes a lot of focus, energy and time. There’s a lot going on and when you’re the one that’s responsible for holding it all together your motivation can sometimes hit a roadblock. Before long you may find yourself veering off track and losing sight of the bigger picture. But fear not, we’ve got some ideas to boost those motivation levels. 

We understand the challenges that small businesses go through, and that’s why we’ve created this guide of tips and tricks to inject some motivation into your working day. By making a few simple changes and strategies you can start to feel more inspired and back on the path of success.  

Go back to the beginning  

Take a moment to think back to those first stages of when you knew you wanted to start your own sole trader business. What was it that ignited that passion? What did you want to achieve? What was going to get you out of bed every morning? 

It is so easy to get carried away with the daily operations of the business that you just going through the motions. So take this time to reflect and see how far you have come. How much you have learnt, the connections you have made, the clients/customers you have worked with, and what areas of your business that have grown.  

Focusing on things like your mission statement, purpose and values can help to bring back that drive and can bring about new ideas on the direction you want to take your business next.  

It’s ok to take a break 

Keeping your sole trader business on track involves a lot more than just being present at work. It is a balancing act, that means sometimes you need to put that phone or laptop down and step away. 

If you have been feeling unmotivated and stressed, it is really important to notice these signs and to start taking some steps to address them. 

 Something that many business owners are guilty of is not taking a break. If you have been day dreaming of that beach escape, mountain cabin adventure or even a local getaway, start the steps to make it become a reality.  

Treat yourself, schedule some time to embrace the activities that will help you feel more present, alive, reset and recharged. Investing in a bit of me time by taking a break can be priceless to not only how you approach your sole trader business, but also your overall health and wellbeing. 

Even if jet-setting isn’t really an option right now, make sure you have breaks throughout the day. Maybe it’s playing with your pets or kids in between Zoom calls or popping down to the local café, stepping away from the screen is a small step you can take to help refuel your motivation. 

Good morning sunshine 

How often have you found yourself looking at the clock at 3pm and think to yourself “where has the day gone”? Don’t worry you are not alone, many business owners often find themselves wondering where those valuable hours have gone, as if mysteriously being sucked into some sort of time warp! 

Luckily there is an easy way to start gaining those hours back. Setting a clear routine from the start of the day, is one step you can take to create healthier and efficient habits into your working day. 

Relish in those early morning hours when things are quieter and spend time creating things like a to-do list, some goals for the day, what needs to be done and most importantly how you are going to do it.  

Having a clear plan for the day ahead means you can schedule and manage your tasks without going in blind and chasing your tail. There are plenty of planner apps online that can help with staying organised, motivated and on track.  

The importance of goal setting 

Just like when you reflected back on those early start up days of your sole trader business, it’s important to look at reviewing or setting up some goals for the future. Maybe you have some quarterly, yearly or five years in place, and if that’s the case go ahead and review them. 

Is your business in the same position as it was when you set the goals? Are they still appropriate to the direction you want to take your business? It’s ok if they don’t feel right, things change and this an opportunity to make the changes you need to get back on track.  

Motivational actions 

Making time for motivation is something that any sole trader can easily start adapting as part your daily routine. Everyone will have their own style and approach to what motivates them, so here is a quick list of some of the different types of actions you can take to help boost those motivation levels. 

  • Listening to inspiring podcasts 
  • Get your business goals out there, have them on your fridge, pinned to the walls, sticky notes on your computer, whatever works best and reminds you of the track you want to take your business 
  • Share your good news stories and achievements. If your business hits those key milestones, gets a great customer feedback story share it! It helps boost not only boost your morale but that of your team too. 

Make health a priority 

Being a sole trader means your business relies on you, so keeping your health in check should be high up on that goals list! Taking care of your health is a mix of different things like exercising, eating well and acknowledging when you need to take a break. 

These are some things that you can try to stay on track with your health: 

  • Try a new kind of exercise or activity- These days the online world is swarming with so many different type of fitness classes you can give a go. From bootcamp to ballet, find something new that you may not have tried before to mix it up! 
  • Make it social- If you find walking by yourself a bit of a drag, find a walking buddy and turn it into a time to walk and chat. Having someone else involved is a good way to make sure you keep each other motivated and committed to taking your walks. 
  • Try cooking something new- If you feel you’re stuck in a bit of a cooking rut, buy some new cookbooks or even look into joining a cooking class. There’s plenty of ways to incorporate new and healthy meals into your daily dining routine.  

Get peace of mind with business insurance  

Peace of mind and motivation go hand in hand, and fortunately this is something that business insurance can help with. Having the right types of coverages in place means you can rest easy knowing that there is a safeguard in place if things with your business weren’t to go to plan. 

From protecting your business with Public Liability insurance*, right down to safeguarding your tools with Portable Equipment insurance*, business insurance is designed to help keep your business around for the long run. 

At Public Liability Australia, we take the stress out of getting your business insurance sorted. Get multiple competitive quotes from selected leading Australian insurers are only a few clicks or a phone call away. Select the policy to suit your business and be covered in minutes.   

* This information is a general guide only and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs.  As with any insurance, cover will be subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions contained in the policy wording. The information contained on this web page is general only and should not be relied upon as advice. 

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