Now more than ever, the focus on having a clean and hygienic working environment has never been more important. As a cleaning business your specialised skills are in high demand, whether it’s cleaning offices, showrooms or cafes, businesses are always seeking options to keep their business spick and span.  

It’s not like your clients need any convincing as to why they should hire your professional cleaning services, but we’ve created a quick guide to help navigate some of the tricky questions they may throw your way.  A common one is…. 

How often should I clean my business? 

Believe it or not, but a good deep-clean shouldn’t just be reserved for springtime! Germs don’t pick and choose which seasons they are going to harbour in your client’s business, so it’s important to ensure your clients make time for regular cleaning to help create a clean and safe working environment. 

While they may not need to do a deep clean every week, it should be something they look at doing more than just once a year. It’s also a good opportunity for them to get rid of any clutter and things that their business may no longer need. 

Every business is different, with different kinds of spaces and features.  This is a simple overview on how you can help guide your clients with the frequency of how often certain spaces within their business may need to be cleaned. 


Chances are many business owners have at some stage encountered a not so nice surprise in the back of the fridge that resembled that of an alien life force, and that’s why kitchens are such an important space within businesses that need a little bit of cleaning TLC. 

This is usually a busy area of a business and can be home to many different health hazards if not managed correctly. Some of the areas they may want to employ your professional cleaning skill to focus on could include: 

  • Wiping down the benches and surfaces with disinfectant  
  • Cleaning any appliances which may be used e.g., microwaves and coffee machines 
  • Deep cleaning the fridge regularly to eliminate any unwanted odours and to dispose of any food that may be out of date 


This is another key area for businesses that needs to have a cleaning plan in place. It’s common for bathroom spaces to have a checklist of what areas have been cleaned and the time they were cleaned. It may be wise for your client to check if there are any health standards that apply specifically to their business’ 

This is something is a common area that businesses may need regular professional cleaning services to help with. 

Carpet and upholstery  

Carpet cleaning should be done on a regular basis. The extent as to how often they will need to be cleaned will depend on the amount of footfall they receive. Vacuuming carpets and upholstery will help to keep their business clean and free from things like dirt and dust. 

If the business is a busy space with lots of traffic, then daily vacuuming may be a wise option for them to keep in mind. If they are a quieter business, then weekly cleans may be more suitable. 

As a professional cleaner, you use specialised equipment that can give your clients carpets and upholstery a thorough clean. This is something that cannot always be achieved by using domestic cleaning devices and something which you can uniquely provide services in. 

What kind of professional cleaning service does my client need? 

When you are working with different kinds of businesses, it’s important to have a chat to really understand the type of cleaning services they will be requiring. It’s a bit of a fact-find, and these are some questions you may want to ask them when trying to figure out what kind of frequency and types of cleaning services they may need.  

  • What interior areas of their business need specialised cleaning?  
  • Do they have a high-traffic kitchen that needs a good clean daily?  
  • Do they have lots of carpet that needs regular steaming? 
  • What exterior areas of their business need cleaning?  
  • Do they have large windows and glass panels that need specialised cleaning? 

Taking care of your cleaning business  

When you run your own cleaning business, there are many things to think about like dealing with the client questions above. From marketing to accounting, your to-do list is ever growing, but one thing that shouldn’t be put on the back burner is getting your business insurance sorted. 

One of the main types of business insurance that you may need to consider is Public Liability insurance*. Public Liability insurance is designed to provide protection for you and your business in the event a customer, supplier or a member of the public brings a claim against you due to their being injured or sustaining property damage as a result of your negligent business activities. 

Not only will it provide you with peace of mind, but it may also be a requirement for your cleaning business to have a certain level of cover in place before you work on a job. 

While you’re busy helping your client’s keep their businesses clean and tidy, let us take the headache out of shopping around for your policy. At Public Liability Australia we want to make getting your cleaning insurance easy and hassle-free.  

We understand that no two cleaning businesses are the same, and there’s no single solution when it comes to insurance, so you have the freedom to customise what type of insurance your business needs.  

Multiple competitive quotes from selected leading Australian insurers are only a few clicks or a phone call away. Select the policy to suit your business and be covered in minutes.   

* This information is a general guide only and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs.  As with any insurance, cover will be subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions contained in the policy wording. The information contained on this web page is general only and should not be relied upon as advice. 

Public Liability Australia is a business name of BizCover Pty Ltd (ABN 68 127 707 975; AFSL 501769)