As an electrician, your business may provide electrical inspection, installation, renovation, and repair. No matter how comprehensive your services are, the chances of attracting your customers and getting them call you depend on your advertising strategies.

Many electrician businesses though skilled lose out to competitors due to a lack of effective marketing strategies.

Here are some efficient advertising methods to help your electrical business earn more customers and grow:

Build a Database of Customer Contacts

You may have a list of customer contacts spread across your phone, email or post-it notes. To be efficient, gather all the customer data at a single place. You could create an online database of your customers as well as their contact details.

Include people that have not yet become your customers as well in the database. You may have discovered them through business associates, referrals, or through networking events.

Include all available details in the database. With basic information such as customer name, phone number, last contact, and service provided/ requested, your database is good to go.

A database helps you stay in touch with your customers regularly. You could email them regarding new discounts, annual maintenance services, or send holiday greetings.

Develop your Business Contacts

Good business contacts can earn you good referrals. For example, you could reach out to your local welfare organizations and spread a word about your business. They could recommend you to their members or to other people searching for electrical services.

Get to know your local businesses and decision-makers therein such as facility managers. Reach out to them with the help of local business events. Trade associations such as homeowner associations are also an amazing way to build contacts. Attend their events if possible. To make an impact, provide a solution to their problems.

If you have your hands full with electrical projects, then consider sharing the work with a fellow contractor. It develops peer relationships. Such contacts can also earn you referrals during difficult business periods.

Develop your Online Presence

Most of your customers will find you through search engines. It is important to make your electrician business discoverable.

You can do this by creating a website or at the least listing your business on online directory and review websites.

If you are creating a website, then ensure you hire a professional design company. Design experts know how to position your company online. With an efficient design, your business can create an excellent impression on customers.

Most website design companies offer SEO services as well. SEO is crucial to make it easy for search engines to list your website when your customers search for an electrician.

You can optimize your website specifically for the areas where you are offering your services. By doing so, your business can rank top in local search.

Another method of developing your online presence is by getting listed on online review sites. Customers visit online review sites to know what others think about your business. If you have good reviews, then they are more likely to hire you.

Do not solicit good customer reviews. Let them happen naturally.

Let your customers know your business is online. Use your marketing materials such as business cards, email signature, and brochures, to spread the word. If they like your service, let them leave a review online.

Be responsive to all sorts of reviews. Thank a customer who has taken the time to praise your business. Tell your side of the story cordially while responding to a not-so-good review.

Encourage Word-of-Mouth References

According to a global study by Nielsen, 92% of consumers around the world trust word-of-mouth referrals such as those offered by friends and family over other advertising. The best way to grow your business is to get your customers spread a good word about you.

And, the only way to get your customers to talk good about you is to deliver a service that they want to talk about, in a good way. Set your service standards high and work on delivering it consistently.

Build and maintain good relations not only with your customers but also with your peers, employees, and vendors.

Insure your Business

When customers discover your business, one of the first things they may be interested in is whether your company has the proper insurance. This gives the customer peace of mind just in case anything goes wrong. It conveys that you are concerned about your business, employees and your customers.

For example, if a customer visiting you at your premises slips and injures himself, then your liability insurance covers you. Also called a third-party liability insurance, this insurance protects you from legal and financial damage as well.

Make sure you get the right electrician public liability package to protect your interests in case of any lawsuits, investigations or settlement claims, initiated by a third party.

In Conclusion

There are many effective ways to advertise your electrical business. Choose strategies that work well for your business. A good advertising strategy is crucial to reach out to more customers and grow your business.

All marketing strategies, at the core, owe their success to good communication and relationships. Maintain good relations with your customers and business contacts.

Do not hesitate to reach out to your target audience with a good offer and a guarantee of an excellent service.