Starting a cleaning business may be busy, but one of the most crucial and scariest parts is getting a hold of new clients. This may not be easy, but retaining relationships with your customers could benefit your business in the long run. Luckily, you might have an advantage as you may know and understand who your niche is and what they may like.

This article will explore techniques to help your cleaning business gain more clients and increase sales. So, if you’re looking for ways to get the ball rolling, this article may be a game-changer.

Learn about your ideal clients

Knowing who your clients are is one thing, but learning their habits and interests may help market your business to meet their cleaning needs and requests. You may want to start by questioning the following:

  • What services do they want?
  • How often may they want to use this service?
  • What neighbourhoods are they from?
  • Where do they obtain news and information on cleaning from?
  • What is their preferred use of social media platforms?

By researching and understanding what their habits and needs are, you may be able to improve your business plan by catering to your clients directly and meeting their standards. This is key to providing excellent service, which can result in stronger relationships and loyal, returning customers. Their needs may include a specific type of cleaning duty for their home, which could also break down to interior or exterior cleaning, and you may want to learn this so you may offer this service to potential clients. Your customers may be your most important intangible asset to your cleaning business, as they provide value and can help leverage your company to grow and reach prospective clients.

Market your Business on Social Media

The online space holds many different ways for businesses to get creative and reach their ideal audiences. Marketing your business on social media may allow you to find new clients by curating engaging content that they may find intriguing and might lead to them enquiring about your business.

When creating your online profile, ensure you are providing users with the information they may easily understand and might want to know first, such as:

  • Your business name
  • Your products and services 
  • Any promotions you may be offering
  • Location
  • Contact details

You might want to curate and schedule content on a regular basis to keep online users interested in your business and ideas. With the vast amount of trends and styles of content, you may adapt and adjust some related to cleaning, such as tips, hacks, before-and-after shots, past clients, and many more!

Customer Reviews

If you already have some previous clients, get in contact with them and ask if they could kindly leave some feedback on your business. It would be an added bonus if they could also add photos or videos. Potential clients may show more interest in your business if they can view and read how you have worked with customers in the past, and by implementing reviews from them, you can display how your business can meet the needs of customers.

Viewers may be able to see your before-and-after shots to understand the effort and dedication you put into your cleaning services, which will set the expectations if they do plan to hire your business for their cleaning needs.

Tip: If you plan to implement reviews on your website, you may want to ensure that it is easy for customers to post them.

Customer Referrals

Word of mouth is one of the traditional ways of marketing a business, but the power it has could possibly lead to more prospective customers. If your cleaning business runs around a particular area, get in touch with locals and neighbouring businesses so they know your services are within reach of them.

Nearby communities may even have a small business group online or board in the nearest council where you might be able to advertise your cleaning services with your contact details and offers. Starting with friends and family, you may also get in touch and connect with their friends and so on, where they can leave a good word for your business.

Providing Discounts or a Loyalty Program

Saving extra money intrigues many people, so why not start adding a discount system to your business or even create a loyalty program?

Not only will you have customers coming back to you, but you will also gain new ones. Setting up a loyalty program may entice users to spend more to save more in the future, and if they are aware of the potential that they can get a discount, they may stay loyal to your business. Offering a discount to first-time customers could also leave them feeling special and more inclined to stay loyal to your cleaning services as opposed to another.

You may also want to incentivise your current customers if they can refer a friend where they both might receive a discount for their next service with you, as they will feel special as they may not be paying as much as a regular customer would be.

Running your cleaning business may not be easy when trying to gain more clients, but you can ensure your business is protected from any unwanted risks or scenarios that could negatively impact your reputation or even lead to closure. Cleaner insurance can include Public Liability Insurance, which provides the correct protection for your cleaning business if a customer, supplier or public member gets injured or sustains property damage as a result of your negligent business activities. Accidents tend to happen anywhere, but they may also happen to you. Cleaning businesses may want to consider Personal Accident and Illness Insurance, as it offers cover for your business if, by chance, you become permanently disabled or pass away due to an accident. Get your cleaning business protected today with BizCover, where we can compare multiple quotes online and get your business covered in just minutes.

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