Becoming a carpenter can require a lot of patience and learning. Understanding your goals and how you may get there will be a vital way to leverage your small business. Here are some ways to bring in more clients for a successful carpentry business.

Build a website

A website might be the next step you take to present your carpentry services and products to your target customers online, and this may be one of the cheapest ways to start.

Small and big businesses might have a website to either cater to current clients as a point of communication or to draw in new ones by showing what they can offer and provide. Carpenters may want to include their portfolio and skills to present themselves to viewers to match their needs and tasks. You might also want to consider posting previous projects to show off your experience and skills in particular areas of carpentry.

You might want to include the following on your website to provide information that clients may want to see:

  • Portfolio or Bio
  • Previous projects
  • Your services
  • Links to social media
  • Contact Form

Implementing a website for your business as a carpenter may help you build your current audience and gain even more.

Reviews from your customers

Reviews from previous customers allow you to present your strengths as a business owner and carpenter to new clients. It may give them insight into your skills, how you handle projects or even your customer service. These may go a long way for your business as you continue to grow and increase your extensive base of happy clients.

There are many sites to choose from where you can request people to leave a review for your business, including Facebook, Google Reviews and Yelp. You might also want to add a review section on your website from previous clients to leave, and you may want to post them as customer testimonials. As these continue to build up over time, you might hold an excellent reputation in the carpentry business locally and hopefully nationally. Ensure after every project and new customer, you could ask them to leave a review as it would help to improve your carpentry services for the future.

Build your social media presence

Marketing your carpentry skills and business on social media could be another beneficial way to gain more customers. Creating a social media account may scale your business in the online world, making it easier for potential clients to find you. From this, you might want to post on how-to projects and carpentry skills from planning to project management or even ornamental designing.

Building a presence online might also allow you to connect with other local and carpenter businesses who may want to work with you and view your current experience. Using social media to market your carpentry business will also help potential customers find you locally through hashtags, location tags or paid advertising online.

Like a website, social media allows you to get creative with what you post online and even gain more followers from engaging content they may find intriguing to book a service with you. Implementing social media into your marketing with consistent and engaging content for your followers might give your business a boost in new customers.

Give out business cards and create some merchandise

Traditional ways of marketing through meeting people to become potential clients through business cards may be a strategy you want to consider. With a world transitioning slowly into the online world, business cards may make your carpentry business unique, amongst others. With these, you can get very creative as opposed to the general idea and presentation of a business card to be landscape or monotone.

Merchandise featuring your carpentry business name and contact number while wearing it may also attract customers to quickly get a hold of you without advertising online. T-shirts, pens and stickers might be the direction you choose to increase brand awareness for your small business and potentially gain new clients.

Sorting out your Business Insurance

Running your small business can be a rocky start, and as a carpenter, you may want to ensure your business is covered from any unwanted claims. You might want to consider insurance for carpenters to protect your business reputation and hard work.

Public Liability Insurance*

Public Liability Insurance can cover legal fees and compensation costs if a member of the public, customer or supplier may choose to sue you for any injury or damage to their property due to negligent business activity.

Portable Equipment cover*

As your equipment collection continues to grow, you might want to consider an extra safeguard such as Portable Equipment cover to ensure they are safe. This can cover essential items like your business equipment, tools, or unspecified items of lower value.

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