Sooner or later all business owners will benefit from leaning on marketing to grow their business and take it to the next level, and that includes bricklayers. Generally speaking marketing may not be top of mind for bricklayers – that is, until organic growth slows for their business, and they decide to take action to drum up new business.

You may be thinking that your bricklayingbusiness doesn’t need marketing. But when executed in line with a clearly defined marketing strategy and marketing plan, you may just be surprised by how much your bricklayingbusiness may grow with a little marketing oomph behind. Indeed, as your business matures marketing can become as essential to the longevity of your business as bricklayer insurance.

Whether your bricklaying operation is a micro-business, a sole trader, or a small business with a handful of bricklaying professionals, it’s important to have a marketing plan or marketing strategy in place that defines how you will grow your business.

Having a strategic plan for how to market and promote your business provides a clearly defined road map for achieving three key marketing objectives for your bricklaying business:

  • increasing awareness of your bricklaying brand and bricklaying services;
  • engaging your ideal customers – also known as your ‘target audience’; and
  • converting them into loyal customers of your bricklaying business.

Five core marketing tips for bricklayers

So, how do you go about marketing your bricklaying business? Here are five top marketing tips for bricklaying business owners.

Optimise your website for a better user experience

Having an attractive, intuitive, and easy-to-navigate company website that ultimately adds tangible value to your audience and is a great marketing tool. There are many different theories and approaches for creating a great and effective company website. The user experience is critical here. The website for your bricklaying business should clearly explain:

  • what you do (your services);
  • who you do it for (your customers and the geographical area your bricklaying business services); and
  • your unique value proposition (also known as your unique selling proposition, or USP).

A great approach to creating an effective and engaging company website is to make it information rich (written content, as well as engaging visuals and video) while keeping it easy to navigate. Remember that the ultimate goal for your company website is to convince potential customers to reach out to you for their bricklaying needs. So make it easy for them to do so.

Keep in touch with previous customers

As a general rule, acquiring new customers costs more than retaining existing customers. As such, part of the marketing play for your bricklaying business could include reaching out to customers you’ve already done bricklaying work for and seeing how you may help them with their current or upcoming projects.

It may be a smaller job that you completed on a family home family last year or a large commercial project that you contributed your bricklaying services to within the last few years. Either way, keeping up appearances with existing customers can go a long way to staying top of mind with them. And when they do next need the services of a bricklayer, odds are they may pick up the phone and call you.

Go all in on content marketing

If you do it right, content marketing can be a truly effective strategy for adding real value to your customers and building trust and value in your business and brand. The key with content marketing is it isn’t an opportunity to aggressively sell your business and services. Rather than shameless self-promotion, content marketing done right will help position your bricklaying business as helpful and a go-to authority when it comes to all things bricklaying.

Content marketing is all about adding value to your customers, so put some thought to the topics and types of content that will add value to your customers

Then create it (perhaps with the help of a freelance writer) and push it out to your audience through email marketing and social media marketing.

Actively request referrals

People will often take recommendations from their friends and family as gospel, which means that referrals can be a very effective way to promote your bricklaying business. By asking your customers to endorse your bricklaying business on your behalf, you can create social proof that you know what you are doing, and that you do it well.

Rewards for recommendations encourage loyalty among those who provide them. Clients express their support for your company by doing so, and the value you provide encourages this cycle of loyalty. By asking your customers to advocate on your behalf, you can create this social proof by:

  • offering modest rewards for referrals that result in sales;
  • initiating a referral competition;
  • providing additional goods or services as a reward for referrals and new clients; and
  • collaborating with other experts whose clients occasionally need your skills.

Make sure to periodically remind clients about your referral program. Project completion is the ideal time to engage in referral dialogue with a client, reminding them of what you were able to deliver for them and asking for their referral on the spot while their memory is still fresh.

Spread your story through public relations

Public relations, also known as media relations, can be an effective marketing strategy for bricklayers. Any time that your business has a newsworthy story to tell, be sure to tell it – because if you don’t, no-one will. Some examples of news that you may consider sending out via a press release include things such as:

  • winning a major tender bid with a large builder or construction company;
  • being nominated or winning an industry award or a small business award;
  • company news such as new acquisitions or partnerships; and
  • any corporate social responsibility initiatives your business undertakes.

Marketing your bricklaying business can help set it up for long-term success. And the same can be said for business insurance for your bricklaying business. If you are reviewing your bricklayer insurance*, the Public Liability Insurance website can help you to quickly and easily compare quotes, choose the insurance of your choice, and get on with your business. Call us on 1300 920 864 if you prefer to purchase your insurance for bricklayers over the phone.

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