Have you just started your own cleaning business and are wondering how you can market your services?

Marketing for any business might provide many strategic forms to how they may promote their business to potential and existing clients. By implementing a marketing strategy, you might have a clear vision of what your goals are and make the proper steps to reach that plan.

When creating an effective business plan, you may want to consider defining who your customers may be, coming up with creative ways to promote your cleaning business, where you want to promote it, what channels you may want to consider, and many other directions you could take. It is essential to know the different options available so that you can get started on making new clients.

Create a Website

The online space holds various business tools to market its products and services. By creating a website for your cleaning business, you may customise it to your liking and present how you want your company introduced to new customers.

Your cleaning business may be able to benefit from a website as it is a way to showcase your products and services to customers who may be in the market for a cleaner. If you have previous clients, you may want to ask them to leave reviews on your site or even photos from your past customers with a before and after image. Including feedback and testimonials, others may view your site might influence new clients to consider your business from the honesty and trust others have had in the past.

With a website, you may present your services through feedback, informational pages, and photos, but you might also want to consider implementing a contact page so that users may contact you so you may be able to answer their queries directly. A benefit of having a website might allow you to engage users through email through newsletters that they can subscribe to. Users may be able to receive email marketing on a regular schedule to stay up to date with your business with any promotions, changes or new cleaning services you may offer to them exclusively.

Build a Social Media Profile

Like a website, social media has many ways to reach new customers to view your content and profile. As the online world continues to revolve, creative and engaging content might attract users online to view your cleaning products and services. By curating images and videos consistently on a regular basis, you may intrigue customers who are looking for services like yours.

A current trend of #CleanTok on TikTok has a wide range of ways users show off their tips and tricks on different things and places to clean and organise. Jumping onto trends like these and relating your cleaning content to theirs may attract similar viewers who could possibly turn into customers.

You may also find other cleaning businesses where you could take inspiration from how they market their business and adjust it to your business’ messaging and content style. By creating a social media profile, your customers may directly contact you to show their interest or have their questions answered, so you may want to consider making a booking system linked to your profile.


Getting in touch with new people may be beneficial for your cleaning business to have new connections that could help your business. While websites may reach the online community, meeting customers in person might allow you to create a personal connection with them and possibly lead to customer referrals. Developing relationships with others in related fields may help you expand your business to grow, partner and search for new clients.

You may want to meet people in surrounding communities, whether they are clients, suppliers or other organisations, so that they may help your business by promoting, partnering, referring, or just a simple like and follow on your socials. If by chance, you connect with other cleaners, you may be able to exchange business ideas and collaborate your brands with special services to entice new clients who may have an interest in their business and might want to enquire about yours as well.

Attend a Trade Show

This interactive platform may allow you to creatively present your brand to prospective customers in a booth with flyers, demonstrations and selling your products and services. There is a wide field of trade shows, and some you may want to consider joining for your cleaning business could go from homeowners shows to cleaning & hygiene expos.

Exhibitions attract ideal customers who are looking for similar products and services in a particular field. Having your own business attend and have its own stand allows you to get hands-on with your offers with live demos and speak to potential clients. There is a possibility you may even meet some suppliers who you can connect with.

Get in touch with other cleaning businesses while you are there, so you may possibly partner in a special promotion or be able to exchange ideas for new products and services. Running a competition at your own booth or giving out some branded freebies might attract customers to visit and engage with your business.

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