If you’re a new retail business owner, your first Christmas season might be more hectic and disorganised than you’d hoped. Ideally, your Christmas marketing efforts would start on 1 November (if not sooner). But if you still haven’t worked out an organised strategy, don’t fret! There’s still time to get your retail business over the line and into January.

Here are six last-minute marketing ideas for your retail business, plus a quick reminder about insurance for retailers.

1. Offer a last-minute discount

You might not be the only one who’s cutting it close this Christmas! Your customers may also be searching for last-minute pressies to give to their families, friends, or colleagues. Targeting them with a special promo code could help your retail business sales during the final countdown.

There are a few quick ways to spread the word about these final 2022 promotions. Consider sharing posts to your shop’s social media accounts and adding a banner or popup to your website. If you want your discount to be more exclusive, consider emailing the code to loyal customers.

Graphic design apps, like Canva, make it easy to quickly create festive images to dress up promo announcements. They even have pre-made holiday templates for social media and email to help you get started.

2. Place stock strategically

How you place products in your shop can nudge shoppers to buy them. As Christmas fast approaches, consider how you might rearrange your stock to entice shoppers and move popular stock.

Use your shop windows to display items that make great gifts. Ensure that this same stock is easy to find once you enter your store. Swap out merchandise that’s sold out or nearly there to help customers avoid disappointment and allow you to sell new items.

Stocking stuffers are another popular purchase just before Christmas. Consider placing small, less expensive stock close to where customers pay. You might inspire a few impulse buys before people leave your shop.

3. Bundle items

Many last-minute shoppers need extra assistance when it comes to putting together the perfect gift. You can give them a helping hand by suggesting perfectly paired items. For example, if your retail business sells homemade personal care items, you could place soaps and lotions with the same scent together. The display might even feature both in a festive box to really sell the idea!

You might also offer a discount on bundled items. Customers love a bargain! Bundling products help them feel like they’re getting better value on their purchase. Consider bundling your most popular items with complimentary items to create the perfect pressie for your retail customers.

4. Keep gift vouchers handy

When in doubt, suggest a gift voucher. Customers may feel more comfortable spending money on a voucher than on products they’re unsure are right or will be used. A gift voucher helps ensure that everyone is happy: the customer quickly ticks a gift off their list, the gift receiver can buy exactly what they want, and you get the sale. It’s a win-win-win!

Running low on physical vouchers? You may be able to quickly design e-vouchers using a design template to help tide you over until more are printed.

5. Offer Boxing Day deals early

Christmas is on people’s minds as early as October. It follows that they might already be thinking about Boxing Day. If you are planning a Boxing Day sale, it might make sense to start it a bit early.

Offering Boxing Day deals now may help you draw in shoppers looking for a deal. They might purchase more than they originally planned because they’ve found a great bargain in your shop. And if the sale is good enough, they may be back for more shopping on the 26th!

6. Focus on the New Year

The coming new year might also be on shoppers’ minds in the lead-up to Christmas. The silly season is the time when many of us let loose—but with an eye towards “cleaning up our acts” come January 1. Your retail business might be able to catch customers with New Year’s resolutions on their minds right now.

Do you offer products to help people get fit, learn something new, stay organised, or pamper themselves? You might want to feature them in your shop around the theme of tackling New Year’s resolutions early. Self-gifting is another way to frame many of these items. Customers may be keen to choose a pressie for themselves that they forgot to ask Santa for.

Protect your retail business all year long!

Christmas is a busy season for retail businesses. The added revenue might be great, but it can also bring added stress and increased risk. You may need to think about protecting yourself against unexpected events like damage to your stock, theft, business interruptions and customer injuries (just to name a few).

That’s where insurance for retailers comes in. Your policies help you handle everyday risks that could force you to close up shop for good. Retailers insurance could help you make it through the silly season—and the entire year—with less stress and worry.

Public Liability Australia understands retail business owners. We know you’re busy, which is why we’ve made it simple and easy to compare insurance for retailers from your phone or laptop. View quotes from some of Australia’s leading insurers, choose the cover you want and buy. Instant coverage is just a few minutes away!

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