Bricklaying can be a very rewarding trade career – particularly if you enjoy working outside on construction sites and using your intuition and practical problem-solving skills to get jobs done and delight clients.

Are you weighing up the decision to pursue a trade career as a qualified bricklayer? Well, before you jump in with both feet, it may be worth your while to consider what a long-term career in bricklaying looks like and what characteristics will help you succeed long-term as a bricklayer.

Here are seven key skills, traits, and personal attributes that make a great fit for a bricklaying career. If you feel that you have – or can develop – these seven skills, then you may well have a bright future as a professional bricklayer.

You enjoy practical work

Not everyone enjoys sitting in an office banging away on a keyboard all day every day. Some prefer to be in the field and working with their hands, and there aren’t many more practical outdoors careers than bricklaying. Bricklayers are typically very engaged with their work and can see and touch what they have crafted. If you enjoy practical work outdoors, the odds are that you will find a bricklaying career satisfying, engaging, and sustainable long-term.

You are comfortable working outdoors and at heights

Bricklaying can be a great career for you if you enjoy spending time outdoors. The majority of your time as a bricklayer will be spent outdoors on construction sites. You may also be required to work at varying heights on some projects. If you are comfortable working at heights from time to time, a career in bricklaying may fit you like a glove.

You have excellent hand-eye coordination

Just like playing sports or playing an musical instrument, a career in bricklaying requires above average hand-eye coordination. Bricklayers are generally very good at coordinating their hand movements with their eye movement. If you possess above average hand-eye coordination, you will enjoy a clear advantage as a bricklayer. This is because the better your hand-eye coordination is, the faster and more precisely you will be able to deliver your bricklaying jobs.

You have a natural technical ability

Bricklaying is about much more than just mortar and bricks. To succeed in the bricklaying trade profession you need to also have a sound knowledge of building and construction principles. This will help you to see the bigger picture and understand what you are building before you start building it. This requires the ability to read and understand building plans, as well as technical skills to follow projects through to completion.

You are a team player and can also work independently

Working in a bricklaying business or on a building or construction project can be great because you are part of a team that pulls together to get the job done well. Great teamwork is key to productivity, but there will be times when you will need to work on your own. Your bricklaying career will benefit if you are able to work in teams and independently as required.

Maintain your physical fitness

Bricklayers work outdoors in very practical and hands-on roles. Bricklaying can be a physically demanding career, so it’s important to be physically fit. While a rewarding career in its own right, bricklaying is also a great career if you enjoy physical activity and keeping fit.

Have a great attitude and exemplary attendance

All of the above-mentioned ideal bricklayer traits are important for a rewarding bricklaying career, but it can all come down to your attitude and attendance. You will increase your chances of finding long-term success as a bricklayer if you show up to jobs on time with loads of energy and ready to put in the work.

How will you manage the risks to your bricklaying business?

Bricklayers know well the risks they may encounter on construction sites throughout their career. Business insurance for bricklayers, such as insurance for bricklayers, also known as bricklayers insurance, can help reduce the risks bricklayers face on site every day.

Common insurance cover that bricklayers may consider include:

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